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All about The Backyard Birdhouse

During the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, my husband and I decided we'd try to keep busy by making a few projects out of reclaimed/refurbished materials. Materials such as old red cedar fence boards and other woods + acrylic and pvc scrap sheets that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

We started with garden planters and birdhouses.  We made a few test pieces and posted them

to our personal Facebook pages for family and friends to see...and the reaction was very positive.

We then decided to post a few birdhouses on Facebook Marketplace and sales were very

positive. So...The Backyard Birdhouse was born.

Our goal is to create pieces that clearly show we have put time and effort in creating them. They have character and will last. The birdhouses can easily fit into your interior home decor plan just as much as your exterior garden decor plan. We use exterior grade paints/sealers and unlike some other birdhouses we use a min of 1/2" thick wood for lasting durability and a little extra insulation for the birds.

With our combined experiences of 30+ years in a variety of creative design fields we can provide bird and garden lovers, and homeowners, with unique, fun designs loaded with class and character.

Please have a look around and visit our Facebook Page. We are also on Instagram!

Thank you for your time and good luck to everyone out there.

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