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Welcome to our little shop of handmade birdhouses and home decor gifts...

Looking for gift ideas? Know a bird lover? How about a handy, functional home decor gift?
At this time The Backyard Birdhouse sells our birdhouses and home decor item via direct contact/email. You can also view more photos on our Facebook page. We also sell our products on Facebook Marketplace. Questions? Please feel free to contact us
via email use our Contact Us Form. Thank you.
The Rustic Bee Birdhouse

The Rustic Bee Birdhouse


The Picket Fence Birdhouse


The White Deluxe Chocolate Box Birdhouse

Architectural Birdhouse - Black and White

Architectural Birdhouse B&W

garden cats

Everybody wants a Garden Cat,
because a Garden Cat's the only cat
who knows where it's at.


Farmer's Market Solid Oak Tool Box, Planter, Gift Box

paint your own birdhouse

Paint Your Own Birdhouse


These are made to order
Contact Us for Details


The Cheerful Gothic Birdhouse

Reg: $70

Contact Us to buy Direct


The Orange Rustic Bee Birdhouse

The Chocolate Box Birdhouse_edited.jpg

The Pink Chocolate Box Birdhouse


Naturally Grainy Birdhouse in Mauve

Garden Pigs

Everybody wants a Garden Pig


Birdhouse themed Tool Box, Planter, Gift Box

Birdhouse Gift Certificate / Gift Card

Backyard Birdhouse Gift Certificates

$-Choose Your Amount-$

Contact Us for Details


The Rustic Bee Birdhouse


The Classy A-Frame Birdhouse


The Townhouse Birdhouse

The Polynesian Birdhouse in Teal

The Polynesian Birdhouse in Teal 

colourful garden boxes

Colourful Garden Boxes

Sunflower Home Decor Wall Hanger

Wall Hanger

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