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Where do You Want To Go Birding Today?

We'd like to introduce you to a very informative site called:

Where do You Want To Go Birding Today?

by: Tina and Duncan MacDonald

Here's a brief introduction to the site...

As a novice birder, but Avery experienced WWW researcher, a frequent business traveler and an avid vacationer, I was constantly doing Internet searches (and saving the results as bookmarks) to find out about birding locations in specific places I was about to, or hoped to, visit. This site was developed on the assumption that other birders might have the same problem of finding where to go for a few hours when you're away from home, travelling to see relatives, waiting for a meeting, escaping from family imperatives, or skipping the most boring morning of a conference. I hope this site can also help in planning a birding vacation, or just finding something to do when you're away from home and the kids want to go to a movie and your spouse wants to vegetate.

An unmanageable set of bookmarks was the result of these many Internet searches. I learned web site design mostly for fun, and...[READ MORE]

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